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Shot mainly in digital format, the camera being mounted on the front of a helicopter and controlled from inside the cockpit, the picture being viewed on a monitor. This camera fitting gives a more stable picture with the advantage of shooting in the direction of travel. It is particularly useful for road, rail, river and any linear feature as well as scenic and low level work. Also available is a side mount (helivision) suitable for professional video cameras, we operate on DV cam, giving digital video. The rig is more suitable for large panoramic shots, it features some degree of stabilization for a steady picture.

GIS referenced video and still photography.
Of late, digital technology has become commonplace in both photography and video. A digital video camera is mounted to the front of a Jet Ranger helicopter, and remotely controlled from inside the cockpit on a monitor. The camera is fitted with a new digital innovation allowing the tape to be GIS referenced, which after post processing, allows the footage to be related to a digital mapping package, and is therefore forever logged in time and space through the global positioning systems (GPS). The scenes on the video are now directly related to the cartography of the area, the uses for this technology are vast, and Peter sees this as one of the most important advances in the video technology he now utilizes.

Airplane and helicopter facilitator.
Utilizing a network of aircraft operators sourced through years of aerial photography, we are able to provide the correct airplane or helicopter to suit almost every need. Front and side mounts to suit most professional video cameras fitted as required. A camera operator can be supplied on an hourly rate if needed. If you are unable to locate the service you require please do not hesitate to contact us.


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